Drupal 7 - Installing the Cloudwords Drupal Module - Option 1 - User Interface

  1. Go to https://drupal.org/project/cloudwords
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and download the latest stable release (Highlighted in green).

  3. Login into Drupal with Administrator rights.
  4. Navigate to the Modules > List (tab), and click the Install New Module link. (Note: You must have the Update Manager module enabled to see this link.)

  5. You will be prompted to either enter a URL or upload a .tar.gz or .zip file that you have saved to your local computer:


6. Right-click in the Install from a URL box and paste the URL you grabbed in step 2.

7. Click the Install button. The Update Manager copies the files into your sites/all/modules folder.

NOTE:   If your site asks for your FTP username and password, it is referring to the username and password to access your site, not drupal.org

8. On the next screen, click the Enable Newly Added Modules link.

9. Enable the Cloudwords module by checking the Cloudwords checkboxes and click Save Configuration.

10. In the main menu, click Configuration, then Web Services, then Cloudwords.

11. In the API Authorization Token field, copy the API key you generated in Cloudwords  (see page ).

12. Click Save Configuration.

13. Proceed to the next secion.

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