Drupal 7 - Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions


Q:   I don’t see a Translate tab when I edit a topic. What should I do?

A:   If you don’t, make sure the node is not set to “LANGUAGE_NEUTRAL” language.


Q:   How do I change the “language” setting of multiple pieces of content in one click? Do I have to change each piece of content in Drupal to show “English” (not “LANGUAGE_NEUTRAL”)? Or is there way to do this in bulk?

A:   To do this in bulk, in Drupal, click Content. Under Show Only Items Where, change the Language drop-down to “LANGUAGE_NEUTRAL” and click Filter. Then, click the checkbox for Title in the first row of the table to select all the items. Under Update Options, the dropdown should read Set Language For Selected Content. Click Update. Select a Language and click Confirm.


Q:   What if the XLF attached to the project in Cloudwords doesn’t contain any body text to translate? That is, the zip file contains a valid .XLF file, but there is no text to translate inside it, while there is text on the actual web page.

A:   You may be using an older version of the Cloudwords Drupal Module. Please go to https://drupal.org/project/cloudwords and download and install the latest Recommended release.


Q:   How is the Cloudwords Drupal module different from the Drupal Multilingual module?

A:   You need the Drupal Multilingual module installed in order for Cloudwords Drupal to work correctly.


Q:   What if I select Type as Content, and I don’t see the pages I want translated?

A:   Continue to adjust the other filters until you find the pages you want to translate.


Q:   What if I see the page I want to translate, but not the target language I want next to it?

A:   Navigate to the page, click Edit, and then make sure the language is set to English (or the source language of your site), not language_neutral.  Also, check your Drupal Regional and Language configuration to be sure the language you want is enabled.

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