Advanced Configuration 1.2

Appendix: Advanced Configuration

Compatibility with Other Customizations

Cloudwords-WCS makes use of the “CustomElements” UI customization infrastructure. Any site that leverages UI customizations using this architecture could suppress Cloudwords-WCS functionality if their own customizations take precedence over WCS customizations.

The customization and precedence rules are clearly outlined in the Oracle document: WebCenter Sites Developer’s Guide, Part III – Customizing the Contributor Interface.

The following Cloudwords-WCS elements have been added into this customization infrastructure. Any UI customizations to your site should be based on the elements below, instead of the core WCS elements, if Cloudwords-WCS functionality is to be enabled:

  • CustomElements/OpenMarket/Gator/UIFramework/LoadParentNodes
  • CustomElements/OpenMarket/Xcelerate/AssetType/Page/PageParents
  • CustomElements/OpenMarket/Xcelerate/AssetType/Page/PlacedPageParents
  • CustomElements/UI/Config/SiteConfigHtml
  • CustomElements/UI/Layout/CenterPane/Search/View/DockedListViewHtml
  • CustomElements/UI/Layout/CenterPane/Search/View/ListViewHtml

A Note about AviSports

It should be noted that this is why the Avisports site does not display the Cloudwords menu: Avisports provides its own override to UI/Config/SiteConfigHtml, which takes precedence over the default configuration.  Both configuration files can be manually merged together to provide the default Cloudwords-WCS behavior with a site-specific override if desired.



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