Shared Marketo credentials in Cloudwords

Cloudwords' integration with Marketo is typically set-up using with an individual's Marketo credentials linked to their Cloudwords ID.  You may alternately consider using a single shared Marketo credential for all of your organization's users.  

The advantages of using a shared credential:

  • it makes the integration configuration easy for all users
  • less likely to experience any Marketo permission errors
  • appropriate access to Marketo assets can be safely granted
  • you do not need to grant additional Marketo user licenses to users who only need to use it for Cloudwords
  • alternate solution for organizations who use single sign-on accounts in Marketo 

To set this up, please inform your assigned Customer Success Manager to enable this feature for you.  Once it is ready, you can input the shared credential at Settings/Marketo Integration.

  • Minimum permissions: editing, cloning, design studio access

The shared credential can be set-up on a departmental basis, so if you desire some access limitations in Marketo, you can use a separate shared credential per Cloudwords department.

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