On-boarding: Artifacts required for Adobe Experience Manager Integration

AEM Installation:
  • AEM installation version
  • Any service pack and/or hotfix installed on the instance
  • Proxy settings being used or not
  • All the components, templates and bundles  stored under apps (/apps/myproject).
  • In case the custom application is divided into different sections like:
         then filters like /apps/myproject1 and /apps/myproject2 should be provided.
  • Access to all Clientlibs(css/js) created specifically for the site (they may be present in /etc/clientlibs/myproject or /etc/designs/myproject).
  • In case there are any other dependency bundles which are not included in custom applications path but are required for building and running the application, then they should also be provided.
  • Information around custom xtypes or resourceType created for component's dialog for supporting composite properties(in json format)
  • In case OOTB components are overlayed in /apps, then they should also be included in the package filter.
  • Content hierarchy under where all the pages are maintained for the custom site (/content/myproject). Since the entire content cannot be shared, then at-least few livecopy/languagecopy structures should be shared. For e.g. /content/myproject/en/... and /content/myproject/fr/...
  • Some sample DAM content under where all the assets are maintained for the custom site (/content/dam/myproject).
  • Any i18n dictionary created for the site (general path is under /apps/myproject/I18n but they can be present anywhere in apps).


  • Details of the custom components.
  • Details on which components and their respective properties are required to be translated
For details on how to create AEM package, please refer Adobe's documentation
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