On-boarding: Questions template for new AEM integration proposals

  1. How many languages would you like to translate the website in ?

  2. Which version of AEM are you using ?

  3. Do you have an internal team that manages AEM or an Adobe System Integrator ?

  4. Are you using the Touch User Interface ?

  5. Are you doing translations already in AEM ?  If yes, do you leverage blueprinting / live copy ?

  6. Is there a particular URL format that you would like your language/country specific pages to follow ?

  7. Do you have any custom components in your AEM environment ? If yes, have they been developed with i18n in mind ?

  8. Is proxy used, if yes then which version 3 or 4 ? (Day Commons Library - HTTP Client 3.1 or Apache Apache HttpClient 4)

  9. Some details on high level architecture of AEM setup - in terms of environments like stage, dev etc. and OS on which the AEM is installed ?

  10. Are any service packs installed ?

  11. Which JAVA version is being used on AEM servers ? (Java 8 is preferable)

  12. Is versioning of pages used to restore pages in production ?

  13. Is any customization done on OOTB project creation wizard which can stop creation of projects ?

  14. In terms of custom components are there components which accept data in multivalue or json format? (like {"./a":"","title":"Office","path":"/content/geometrixx/en.html","image":"/content/dam/geometrixx/en/abc.jpg"

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