New Release - March 01, 2011

The following are the new Cloudwords features released on March 01, 2011:

Customizable Non-Disclosure Agreement (only for customers)

Optionally, customers are now able to upload their own Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to Cloudwords and apply it to their projects. From the moment a NDA is being applied by a customer, all translation vendors will be required to accept it before they can access any source files or reference materials pertaining to that customer's projects. Learn more.


New Messages module

We have implemented a new New Messages module on your Home page, where you can see all your unread messages, for all projects. To read a message appearing in this module, simply click its subject, and you will be taken to the message page, where you will be able to post a comment or answer to it. 

This module will display a maximum of 10 unread messages at a time. If you have more than ten messages to read, a See all link will be displayed, taking you to a page where you will be able to see all your unread messages.

This module will not be displayed on your Home tab if there are no new/unread messages.


Zip files contents

We now display an "i" icon on the side of every .zip file on Cloudwords. If you point with your mouse on that icon, you will be able to see all the files included in that compressed archive.


Enhancements to the Revision Request flow

Translation vendors have now the option to accept or reject a revision request submitted by the customer. If the vendor accepts the revision request, they will have to upload a new deliverable (.zip file with translated documents) through the revision page before they can submit the project back to the customer. If the vendor rejects the revision request, they will have the option to add a message or description, explaining why they are not accepting it. Learn how to create a revision request.


Enhancements to the bid configuration page during project creation (only for customers)

We have reviewed and enhanced the design of the bid configuration page when a customer is creating a new project. This configuration page is only displayed to customers that have marked at least one vendor as preferred.

Learn more about preferred vendors and about creating a new project and configuring your bid.


Project History enhancements

Every project now displays a complete history of actions, including not only the ones performed by users of your account, as it was the case until today, but also all the actions done by your counterpart in the project (either the customer or the vendor).


Other enhancements and bug fixes

We have also implemented other minor enhancements and bug fixes: 

Vendor Directory: Vendors are now listed alphabetically

Change Order: Improved interface to make change order pages more clear. Also implemented a Change Orders section on a project's overview page, with the history of change orders for that project.

Pagination: There is now a limit of 10 items displayed on every module in Cloudwords, with the exception of the Pending Tasks one. This means that, for example, if you have 11 or more open projects, the Open Projects module will only display the first 10, and you will have to click the See all link at the bottom to access the full list of open projects.

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