New Release - March 25, 2011

As part of our constant work to provide a better user experience and more features that help Cloudwords users manage their translation projects, we just pushed live a new release, including the following features and enhancements:

New features for customers and vendors:

- General user interface and experience enhancements.

- Substantial backend enhancements to make Cloudwords faster and more stable.

- New project status when vendor submits deliverables to customer. We have changed the “Translation Complete” status to “Review Translations”. While this is only a terminology change, it helps avoiding confusions for customers. After downloading and reviewing the deliverables submitted by the vendor, customers will still have two options: either close the project if all translations are approved or, if necessary, create a revision request on Cloudwords, sending the project back to the vendor. Learn more about submitting a revision request to the vendor.

- Customers can select the winning bid before the Bid Selection Deadline. From now on, customers will be able to select the winning bid for their project at any time, even if not all vendors have submitted their bid. To provide all vendors the opportunity to submit their quotes, Cloudwords will continue to enforce an initial wait period of 48 hours (starting at the moment the customer submits their bid request for a project) during which the customer will not be able to select the winning bid.

New features for customers only:

- Project Status Summary. For each specific project, users will see its current status, information about what they can do and what are the next steps for that project. This summary is displayed on the project’s Overview page, and users can close it by clicking the Mark as Read link. To display it again at any time, users can simply click the View Status Summary link that appears on the page.




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