New Release - April 28, 2011

The Cloudwords Development and Product teams have been working in building some great enhancements, and today we are releasing the following new features and enhancements:

- Vendor Directory Facets: Customers are now able to search for vendors in the Vendor Directory, so they can quickly find translation providers that match their criteria. With this first version of facets, customers can filter their search by language pair, supported industry and vendor “preferred” status.

- Language pairs. From now on, Vendors on Cloudwords will indicate which language pairs they support, instead of just a language, making it easier for customers to find providers of translations for their source and target languages.

- Complete Bid information: We’ve heard customers’ feedback, and all information of bids submitted for a project, even those not selected as the winning bid, will continue to be available to the customer during the whole life of the project, as well as after it has been completed.

- Bid request timing: Customers can now request bids in as little of 48 hours from vendors. Previously, the minimum amount of time was 72 hours.

- Bid selection timing: Customers can now select the winning bid for their project just 24 hours since requesting the quotes from vendors, instead of having to wait up to 48 hours. This, in conjunction, with the reduced bid request timing, will allow customers to create projects with a very tight completion schedule.

- Recommendation engine enhancements: We made a few enhancements to the Cloudwords Vendor Recommendation Engine, ensuring that customers are directed to the best and most relevant providers when allowing Cloudwords to select their vendors for a particular project.

- New Project Status Summary section at the Project Overview tab: When visiting a project page, users can now click the View Status Summary link that will open, on the same page, a module with information about the project status, if there is any action the user needs to perform, and what are the next steps towards the project completion.

Cloudwords users have been posting their ideas for new features through the Cloudwords Feedback Forum, which we carefully consider when defining the next releases, and we look forward to seeing all the new ideas you have to send!

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