New Release - June 28, 2011

Another month passed by (quickly!), and another Cloudwords release is being pushed live to our users. Thanks to all of you who have posted ideas for new features or voted for the ideas of other users. We are always listening to the ideas posted by users to the Cloudwords Feedback Forum, and some of them are part of our latest release. 

Here are the main new features we are launching today:

- Add project dates to a calendar: We know that there are certain dates that are critical for a Cloudwords project. Customers and vendors have now the ability to add the main project dates to their own personal calendar. Users can add dates to their Microsoft Outlook, Google, Live and Yahoo! Calendar, as well as any program that supports "ical" files, like Apple Mac's iCal. Learn more if you are a customer. Learn more if you are a vendor

- Vendor reviews: We have increased the criteria that customers can rate vendors about, now including translation quality, project management and customer and technical support. This way, Cloudwords will be able to provide better, more complete information about vendors and the quality of their service. Learn more

- Graphics on reports: If you ever spent time looking at a report full of numbers, you know how much more clear and effective it is to have a quick glance at that data in the form of a chart. Cloudwords customers and vendors can now see a graphic representation of their reports, in the form of either a pie or a bar chart. Learn more

- Customer ability to choose the recipient of a new conversation: From now on, a customer will be able to start a conversation with either all or only one of the vendors bidding for their project. After a conversation has been started between the customer and one single vendor(s), it remains private to them. Learn more

- Single language delivery notification: Users on customers accounts have now the ability to choose if they are notified when each single language translation is delivered by their vendor. This way, customers decide if they are notified each time a language is delivered or, if they prefer, only when all languages have been uploaded by the vendor. Learn more

- Vendors certifications: Vendors can now add a list of all their certifications to provide more information to customers viewing their profile page. If you are a vendor, you can learn more about how to add certifications to your company profile page

Also as part of this new release, our team has fixed a number of smaller issues and implemented a few user experience enhancements.

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