New Release - November 15, 2011

The Cloudwords product and development teams have been working on deepening the project management features, offering new reports to vendors and enhancing the user experience across the entire application. Here are the highlights of our new release:

  • Project Tasks: Customers using the Cloudwords Professional Edition are now able to edit the tasks that are included in every project bid request. Whether you are a small business that needs to expand your operation into two languages or an enterprise that is multilingual and in desperate need of a simple and secure process, Cloudwords is delivering a new level of choice that allows users to define which tasks are included in each project, from voice over to subtitles to post-editing.
  • New Bid Report for Vendors: Vendors have now access to metrics on the projects they bid for, including the ones they won and lost.
  • All Messages page: Users can now browse through all messages received across all projects.
  • Enhanced project change order: Customers are now able to remove target languages from projects in translation. To do it, just create a change order on the project you want to remove languages from.
  • User Experience enhancements: As more advanced features are added, users require a ease and efficiency across the Cloudwords application. These user experience enhancements allow users to gain the speed and complexity of the application without the headache of a complex process.

We are grateful to all the Cloudwords users that sent us their ideas for new features or enhancements through the Cloudwords Feedback Forum or on an email.

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