New Release - March 27, 2012

We are proud to announce a new release with very exciting new features for our customers and vendors:

  • Purchase Order Management: Customers using the Cloudwords Professional Edition are now able to keep full control of their active Purchase Order numbers, with instant access to their balance and last activity. Learn more.
  • Project Bids: Administrators of Cloudwords Professional Edition accounts are now able to prevent users from requesting quotes from non-preferred vendors. Learn more
  • Email Notification Enhancement: Users being added to a new project as followers will receive a notification when the project is created, so they are aware of it, and be ready for when they need to take action.
  • Direct Access to All Departments’ Reports: Administrators of accounts divided into departments have now access to all reports for each department as well as for the company.
  • Cloudwords Integration to Salesforce Knowledge Base: As announced a few days ago, we are proud to offer Salesforce Knowledge customers the most simple and straightforward way to export, translate and import back their Knowledge Base articles.
  • Vendor API: Cloudwords is proud to announce the release of our Vendor API. Just as Cloudwords customers can benefit from our API to automate their translation process between their own content systems and Cloudwords, translation Vendors on the Cloudwords platform can now do the same. Vendor can now integrate their own Translation Management System and translation workbench technologies with Cloudwords, enabling easy movement of translation materials back and forth. If you are a Translation Vendor and are interested in learning more about the Vendor API, please send us an email at

We are grateful to all the Cloudwords users that sent us their ideas for new features or enhancements through the Cloudwords Feedback Forum or on an email. We are always listening to you, and feedback is greatly appreciated!

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