New Release - April 27, 2012

The Cloudwords Product & Development teams have been busy at work, and today we are releasing the following new features. 

General (for both Customers and Vendors)

  • Log in: The Cloudwords log in page now allows users to mark an option to have their email address remembered, so they only need to enter their password next time they try to access their account.

For all Customers

  • Change project owner. It is now possible to reassign the ownership of a project to another user. Learn more.
  • Edit intended use of a project: Customers can now edit the intended use of a project at any time, even after the project is closed.

For Customers subscribed to the Cloudwords Professional Edition

  • Ability to switch department: Administrators can switch departments in a more simple way, and they can also follow and/or own projects in multiple departments at once. Learn more.
  • Automatic bid approval: Users can choose to auto-approve a bid submitted by a preferred vendor to a project they created. Learn more
  • Preferred vendors per department. Different departments on an account can now have different lists of preferred vendors. Learn more.
  • Translation Memory editing: It is now possible to delete individual entries (either source or translation) from the translation memory. 
  • Translation Memory Browser: The lists of source and target languages will only display languages present in the customer's translation memory.

For Vendors

  • Private messages to customers: It is now possible for vendors to send private messages to the customer on a specific project, even before a winning bid has been selected by the customer. 
  • Using cents in bids: Vendors can now enter bids values that include cents.
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