New Release - June 1, 2012

These are the new features built and released by the Cloudwords team on June 1, 2012: 

  • Activity Feed: The activity feed displayed at the Home tab and on each Project overview page are the best way to see, at a glance, what has been happening on projects. The activity feed shows all events from projects, including actions performed by internal users and/or vendors. The activity feed also shows comments posted to tasks, which provides a much more contextual information about the progress of projects, helping users collaborate and ensure tasks are completed before their deadline. Watch a short video. Learn more.

  • Home and Project Alerts: Users are now able to track what important tasks are in danger of being overdue, even if those tasks are not assigned to them. Watch a short video. Learn more.

  • Task Management: Project tasks allow customers to define, track and collaborate on specific to-dos that need to be completed in order to move forward with their translation projects. Each task includes a workspace where users can collaborate and work towards its completion, either internally with their team or with the vendor. Watch a short video. Learn more.

  • Custom Tasks: Users of a Cloudwords Professional Edition account will be able to create custom tasks and assign them to any user in their Company, or to the vendor. The ability to create custom tasks enhances the ability to collaborate, either internally or with the vendor, to complete translation projects successfully. Watch a short video. Learn more.

  • Home and Project Overview redesign that will allow users to better track their open tasks, alerts and projects’ status and activity.

  • Revision Requests: On this release, the request of language revisions from the customer to the vendor is changing slightly. The main improvement consists in turning each language revision into a task, which includes a workspace where customers and vendor can exchange information, including screenshots, reviewer's reports and any other documentation that would help achieve better translations. Watch a short video. Learn more.

  • Vendors' ability to download a time-based Translation Memory snapshot: When downloading the source files of a project from a customer they have worked with in the past, vendors can choose to download only the TM that has been modified by the customer or another vendor after certain date. This helps the vendor download only the translation memory that they do not already have from previous projects.

  • Support of non-zipped file attachments: When attaching a file to a message or to a comment on a task, users can now select a single, non-zip file.
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