New Release - August 10, 2012

We are happy to announce a new feature release, which includes the following main new features and enhancements:

- Glossary Management and Translation: The new functionality enables organizations to centrally host, edit and manage their glossaries within Cloudwords. The integration with the Cloudwords advanced Translation Memory database automatically keeps glossary terms current, centralized and accessible across all departments, allowing marketers to streamline their global go-to-market process. Learn more

- Glossary Tutorial Videos: We recorded three video tutorials so you can see how Glossaries work on Cloudwords:
     - Creating and uploading a glossary file to Cloudwords
     - Searching and editing your glossary
     - Sending glossary terms to translation 

- Notifications preferences: Cloudwords now allows customers to set their email notifications preferences, so they only receive the ones that are relevant to them. Learn more.

- User management: Project Managers and Reviewers can now belong to more than one department, so they can participate and collaborate in projects across teams.

- Reports: All reports now support different time ranges, including custom ranges set by the user.

- New reports: Customers have now three new reports to analyze their projects and translation memory on Cloudwords. The Project Count and Translation Memory Word Count and Leveraging reports give customers an unprecedented access to data about their translation memory.

As usual, we also worked on fixing small issues and enhancing other areas of the application. We are thankful to all users who reported issues or shared their ideas for new features on Cloudwords. We are always listening to your feedback to make the Cloudwords application even better and more efficient to our users.

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