New Release - October 19, 2012

Continuing with our tradition to launch new features every few weeks, we are happy to announce a new  release. This time, it includes: 

- Task reminders: Customers can send a reminder to the owners of project tasks in a very simple way and with just a couple of clicks. Learn more

- Upload enhancements
          - You can now drag & drop files directly from your computer into the upload dialog. 
          - You can now see a progress indicator showing the status of a file being uploaded. 

- New report: The Bid Benchmarking report allows customers to see the difference over time between the bid selected for their projects and the highest bid submitted for them.

- Reports enhancements: We implemented a few nice enhancements to the reports, including the redesign of the control/selection area and the custom date range selector and the ability to select which variables are displayed on the time graph. 

Thanks to everyone that responded to our survey about the experience uploading & downloading files in Cloudwords - thanks to your feedback we were able to quickly implement a few enhancements, and to identify which ones to develop in the future. 

Your ideas and feedback is always welcomed, so please keep sending yours our way. 

The Cloudwords Team

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