New Release - March 6, 2013

We are glad to announce a new Cloudwords release today. 

There are a few new features and enhancements to learn about: 

- Setting Reviewers and Review Due Date per language: Customers have now the ability, when creating or editing a project, to set different review deadlines for each language being translated, as well as who should be assigned the task to review the materials delivered by the vendor.

    To set these dates, while creating a project in the wizard, simply choose the option, when configuring its workflow, that says "Let me set review due dates for each language". Or, if you want all languages to share the same review due date, select the "Use one review due date for all languages" option. Note that, if you use this last option, Cloudwords will also assign the reviewer for each language automatically based on your user configuration. 

- We have made some changes to the Project Creation Wizard, consolidating a few fields in it to make it easier to create a project. 

- Language Workspace: Sometimes, especially as a project goes through multiple rounds of review and revisions by the vendor, it is hard to see everything that has happened to a language. Now you have a new page, the Language Workspace, where you can see that, and access all the files ever delivered for that language. To access it, go to a project's Translations area, and click on the name of a language, under the "Translations per Language" section. 

- In a project area, the Deliverables tab is now called Translations, to better reflect what can be found in it.

- The Review Task page now shows a link to download the file delivered by the vendor and that needs to be reviewed. 

- Cloudwords Enterprise Edition: We are now offering a new Edition for companies that need more advanced features to manage their complex translation management process. One of the main new features offered in this edition is the ability to set Custom Review Workflows with multiple steps that can be assigned to either the vendor or to internal users on the customer side. Learn more about it reading the blog post by Scott Yancey, Cloudwords Co-Founder and CTO, and check the other features included in it

This release entailed a lot of conversations with many of our customers and vendors. We thank all of you who participated in those conversations, as well as everyone who sent us feature requests, ideas and general feedback about the Cloudwords application - we will continue to actively listen to all of you so we can deliver a product that makes your life easier and allows you to be more efficient. 

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