New Release - April 05, 2013

We are pleased to announce a new release of the Cloudwords application. Here are the features included: 

- Vendors price lists: Vendors can now configure and save price lists in Cloudwords. Each list specifies per-word translation costs on a language pair basis. Price lists are only visible to the vendor who created it, and are not available to any customer. Learn more

- Enhanced bid submission page for vendors: When a vendor receives a Cloudwords bid request, they can (optionally) apply a pre-configured price list for the bid request. So when they enter total word count, the cost is calculated automatically. The bid page has also been redesigned, to make it easier for the vendor to enter a quote for a project. Learn more

- Support to Vendors delivering multiple languages at once: Vendors now have the ability to deliver multiple languages at the same time, in the same .ZIP file. When uploading deliverables for a project, the vendor will be able to upload a single .ZIP containing multiple language deliverables. The only requirement is that each language deliverable inside the .ZIP is in a folder named with the Cloudwords language code (Example: "pt-br"). Customers will still be able to download any language individually, even if they were delivered in a single .ZIP file. Learn more

- A Project's Translation Memory now contains only the languages in the projectWhen the Vendor receives a bid request for a project, Cloudwords is changing the customer translation memory downloadable file to be automatically scoped to only include the languages relevant for the project, thereby reducing file size and therefore its download and analysis time. The translation memory file will also contain any language variation there  might be in the customer's previous translations (for example, if the project includes Spanish for Spain, the translation memory will also include Spanish for Argentina, Spanish for Latin America, etc, provided that those variations already exist in the customer's translation memory). 

- Enhanced Discussions configuration: We have changed the name of Project Messages to Discussions to more clearly indicate that these are not personal messages, but conversation threads to which multiple users have access. We have also enhanced the design and the way a customer configures who should receive email notifications of a new discussion thread in a project. 

- Cloning projects: Customers can now copy a project in a single click, copying all the relevant information of the original project to the new one. If you need to replicate any open or closed project, you will love this feature. Learn more

If you have any comments or doubts about these or any other features in Cloudwords, please send an email to

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