New Release - May 10, 2013

On May 10, 2013, we released the following new features and enhancements: 

  • General Project Report: This new report is available to customers and vendors, and offers more powerful filters to access more data at once. The "download" link generates a file with all the projects data, including much more information than what is showed in the application.

Features for Vendors

  • Bid Description Templates: Save up to 20 bid description templates in your Cloudwords account. Use them whenever submitting a bid for a project. Learn more
  • Save Bid Before Sending to Client: It is possible now to save what you entered before submitting it to the client. Learn more
  • Price List information persisted on Bid page: If a price list is used when filling a bid for a project, that information remains available after submitting that bid to the client. 
  • Applying one value to multiple cells while entering a bid: When filling the values of a bid, there is now a way to apply one value to all the other languages with one single click. Learn more

Features for Customers
  • Languages assigned to each user are now displayed in the general list of users under Settings-->User Management. This allows an administrator to see  at a glance which languages each user is assigned to. 
  • Automatic assignment of Language Review Tasks: The logic of the automatic assignment has been enhanced, so only the relevant person is assigned a language review task. Learn more
    Users can also configure their projects in a way they control who is going to be assigned each language review task. Learn more.
  • New Application Interface for users whose is ReviewerIn talking to Reviewers, we heard them ask for an easier, more efficient way to find and complete their review tasks. The new Cloudwords design provides Reviewers a simple list of exactly what they need to do, without cluttering the application with information they don't care about. For a period of time, reviewers will be able to switch back to the old Cloudwords interface. Learn more
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