New Release - July 5, 2013

The Cloudwords application has just been updated with the following new features and enhancements: 

- Ability to reopen a finalized and closed language. Customers can reopen a language that was closed as finalized, so the reviewer can either send it back to the translator through a revision request, or finish their review. Learn more.

- Glossary: Customers can now indicate the part of speech for each term in their glossary. Learn more

- Vendors: A vendor entering a bid in Cloudwords will be able to apply a global discount to their quote. Learn more.

- Ability to automatically approve a Change Order Bid: Customers can configure their change orders so the bid submitted by their vendor is automatically approved. Learn more

- Project Search Filters: Both customers and vendors can now filter their search by project invoicing status

- UI enhancements, including the way data is displayed on tables, where rows now have alternating colors to make it easier to read the information. 

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