New Release - August 9, 2013

The Cloudwords application has just been upgraded with the following new features: 

- Removal of zip requirement across the application: This has been a long time request from our customers, and we are happy to announce it. You will not need to zip single files to upload it to Cloudwords. If you need to upload two or more files at once, you will still need to compress them into a single zip file. 

- All new, dedicated Developer Center and Sandbox environment for anyone interested in trying out the Cloudwords API or integration with Content Management Systems. Sandbox comes with all new automated vendor robot to simulate the entire translation process workflow.

- Two new efficiency reports (customers only): The Closed Project Count and Average Times shows average times between the main dates of projects during a given time period. The Timeline per Project report allows customers to see how long each project took to move from one phase to the next. 

- New Basic 2-step workflow for all customers: If the current translation workflow is not enough for your needs, you can activate the 2-step workflow. It allows you to review the first round of translations and, after approving them, still have the vendor perform additional work. For example, if you send a word document to translate, you can approve the translated text and ask the vendor to deliver a PDF version of your document. To activate the new basic 2-step workflow, go to Settings-->Project Settings-->Review Workflow Templates and edit the 2-step workflow to add it to your account. 

- Intended use filter for all reports: We added the ability to filter any report by your account's intended uses. 

- Vendors: Keeping track of when they last downloaded glossary, style guide or translation memory and let them know when there is something new for them to download. This feature will allow vendors to avoid downloading a large translation memory file when there is nothing new in it, saving time and process. Vendors will see a "new" icon by the side of any of these materials whenever they need to download them to update the version they last downloaded. 

- Improvement to the application navigation. Whenever you click the browser's "back" button, the landing page will maintain and respect any filters you had configured during the same session. This affects any search, discussions, translation memory, tasks, or marketplace pages where filters can be set. 

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