New Release - September 20, 2013

The Cloudwords team is happy to announce a new round of new features and enhancements made to the product: 

  • Integration with Marketo and Translation Automation for Marketing Assets: The Cloudwords for Marketo integration allows customers to select the Marketo assets they want to translate directly within their Cloudwords account. Through the integration of the two platforms, Cloudwords can automatically extract the code of the assets being sent to translate, and import their contents back into Marketo once they are translated. With that, users don't need to copy and paste code anymore, and the efficiency and time gains are remarkable. If you are interested in this solution, please contact us at
  • Discussions enhancements
    - Added a "paperclip" icon to indicate that a message has an attachment.
    - Added "posted by" filter for discussion search (in project and global). 
    - Added 'type' column to project discussion display, indicating "task" or "general discussion".
  • New notification to vendor when customer lets the "bid selection deadline" expire. We were sending a "project lost" notification, which was incorrect. This new notification lets the vendor know that the project is not moving forward until the customer submits the bid request for it again. 
  • Admins are now able to block Project Managers from accessing the Vendor Marketplace (on an individual basis). 
  • Easier to see who are the reviewers automatically assigned to project: In the project creation wizard, when the user selects the "automated" option to assign reviewers for their project, there is now a way to view who these reviewers are going to be
  • General project report: added bottom row with Totals (number of projects and total value)
  • New "Content Source" concept - when a user is creating a new project in the wizard, they will now have the option to indicate where the source materials are coming from. The options are:
    - User upload (the standard Cloudwords project)
    - Marketo (in case their account has the Marketo integration enabled)
    - Cloudwords Glossary (so a glossary project can now be started directly from the wizard, instead of having to do it from the References tab)
  • Home and Projects tabs: "I am following" option now includes *Tasks*, even if the user is not "following" the project that contains said tasks - this is to fix a confusion by which users thought they were viewing all the relevant projects and tasks they should be working on. 
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