Creating New Translation Projects

Cloudwords makes it simple for you to create a new translation project.

To create a project:

  1. On the Home tab, click the orange Start a new project button. 
  2. Enter a Name for the project, and Notes and instructions to the vendors that will bid for your project. 
  3. Optional: Add followers to your project. Followers receive emails when action is required on the project.
  4. Optional: Add Reviewers as followers, so they can review translated deliverables.
  5. Click Set Project Details
    • Deadline for receiving quotes - Enter the date by which you want vendors to submit bids.
    • Deadline for first translation - Enter the date by which you want the first round of translations submitted by the vendor for you to review.
    • Purchase Order Number - (optional) We recommend using PO numbers if available, as there is a report that allows you to see how much your company or department has spent per purchase order. 
      • Note: if you need your translations back in less than 48 hours, you need to ask Cloudwords to activate the ability to create "Rush Projects" in your account. If that is the case, please send us an email at
    • Intended Use - Classify your project according to the type of project it is. Administrators have the ability, in the settings area, to customize their Cloudwords' account intended uses. 
    • Source language - Language of the material you want translated.
    • Target languages - Languages in which you want the translations from the vendor. You can add multiple languages to this list, or click Add All. Administrators have the ability, in the settings area, to configure the languages that appear both in the list of source and target languages. 
  6. Click Upload Your Source Materials.
  7. In the Source Material section, click Select new file (required). Upload your source files. Note: if you want to upload multiple files, compress them into a .zip file.
  8. Optional: In the Project Reference Materials section, click Select new file (optional) to upload any materials you think vendors might find useful such as a glossaries, style guides, or screen shots.
  9. Click Configure Bid Options. (If you haven't configured Preferred Vendors in Cloudwords, your project will go out for bids to 5 vendors selected by Cloudwords.)
  10. Send the project to your preferred vendors and/or vendors selected by Cloudwords. You may send the project to up to 5 vendors.
  11. Click Finish and Request Bids to immediately send the project to vendors. Vendors can accept or reject the opportunity to bid on your project. If they accept, they must submit their quote before the due date you have established so that you can choose which vendor you want to use in this project.
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