Reviewing and Selecting Bids

Once you have finished creating a project and requested bids, vendors will submit their quotes for translating your documents. You can verify if a new bid is available for your review by going to the project overview page and click the Bids tab on the menu that appears on the left.

To review bids:

  1. Login to your Cloudwords account.
  2. Go to the Projects tab.
  3. Select the project you want to see bids for. You will be taken to the project's Overview page.
  4. Click the Bids link on the menu that appears on the left.
  5. Review each bid submitted. First you will see the total price of each bid and by clicking View Details for each one you will have access to the vendor's quote per language and task, as well as their notes to their bid.
  6. Optionally, you can click on any vendor name to go to their company information page to learn more about them. View their top languages, what type of documents/files they specialize in, a video or a presentation about their services, and read the reviews posted by other Cloudwords customers.

Important notes:

1. You will be able to select the winning bid for your project at any time after an initial wait period of 24 hours (from the moment you requested the bids for this project), even if not all vendors have submitted their quote. This waiting period is established to provide all vendors the opportunity to submit their bids.

2. If you requested bids only from one vendor, you will be able to select their bid and start the translations as soon as the vendor has submitted their quote. This is a great option for those customers that need a project to start on the same day they created it. If the project is small enough and the vendor has available resources, your project could be started and finished in less than 12 hours.

After reviewing the bids received:

  1. Select the project in Cloudwords.
  2. Click the Bids.

Note 1: When all bids for a project have been received, or when the bid due date has been reached, you will have an Open Task on your Cloudwords home page, asking you to Select the winning bid for your project.

Note 2: Once you accept a provider's bid, you are explicitly agreeing to pay the invoice that Cloudwords will submit to your organization, as established in the Cloudwords Terms of Use.

  1. Click Select Bid button appearing next to the quote you want to select. Cloudwords immediately sends an email to the vendor notifying them of your decision, so they can start working on your project.

After you have chosen a vendor for your project, you can continue using the Messages menu from the specific project page to communicate with the provider and follow up on any details about the project.

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