Creating and Managing Change Orders

A change order is a request to make changes to a project such as adding or removing target languages and files, or both, once the project has been assigned to a specific vendor (i.e., once you have selected the winning bid for your project).

Since these changes affect the provider's bid for your project, change orders are requested (by the customer) and quoted back (by the provider). Once the vendor has submitted their revised bid for your project after the change order, you will have the opportunity to approve their quote in a similar manner to what happens when you first created the project. Cloudwords simplifies this process.

To submit a change order request:

  1. Navigate to the Projects tab and look for your project on the Open Projects module.
  2. Click on the project that needs to be changed.
  3. From the project Overview page, click Change Orders menu item that appears on the left. 
  4. Click the Create Change Order button, and complete the New Change Order form by uploading new files and/or editing the target languages.
  5. Click Submit Change Order.

When you submit a change order, Cloudwords immediately sends your provider an email notification with details about the change and a request to provide an updated bid. An updated bid is required whenever the change order has added new workload to the project, either new files to be translated, new target languages, or both.

When the provider submits their new bid for the additional work, Cloudwords will send you an email asking you to review the new bid. Then, you have the opportunity to verify the additional costs to your project, and approve or reject them:

  • If you approve the new bid for your project, the provider will receive an email from Cloudwords confirming that they have new, additional deliverables for this project.
  • If you reject the new bid, Cloudwords will send an email to the provider, and your additional work request will not be included in the project's deliverables -- This means that the change order will be dismissed, and the vendor will continue to work on the original project's requeriments. Use the Messages tab on your project to communicate with the provider to reach an agreement for a new bid, if necessary.

To approve or reject a change order bid:

  1. Select the project in Cloudwords.
  2. Click Change Orders menu item on the left (underneath Source Files).
  3. Select the change order.
  4. Review the updated bid. The original bid for your project is displayed for your reference.
  5. Click Accept Change Order to approve the updated bid. Alternatively, you can click Cancel Change Order to reject the bid and continue with the project using the original bid.


  1. Once you have approved an updated bid for your change order, the overall cost of your project will be increased by the new, approved bid amount, and Cloudwords will send you a new invoice. In accordance with the Cloudwords Terms of Service, your acceptance of a bid by a provider constitutes your explicit agreement to pay the invoices submitted by Cloudwords and related to that bid.
  2. You will not be able to create and submit a change order once the vendor has submitted all the translations for your project. At that point, while you are not going to be able to add a new files nor languages to your project, you will be able to review the delivered translations and create, if needed, a revision request of any of the translations submitted by the vendor.
  3. You can add new source file(s) to a project only if the vendor has not delivered any translations yet.
  4. If the vendor has already delivered translations of at least one language on your project, you can create a change order to add new target languages to it, but you will not be able to add new files through the change order. If you need to translate new files, you will have to create a new project.
  5. When creating a change order, you will be able to remove target languages from the project. Note that you can only remove a language if the vendor has not delivered the translations for it yet -- after the vendor has delivered translations for a language, you will not be able to remove it from the project. 
  6. In case the vendor just needs to edit their original bid, you can allow them to do so by creating a change order that only contains a name and description - without adding files or editing the target languages. This will give the vendor the opportunity to submit a new quote for the existing languages and files.

Important: Only Administrators and Project Managers can create or act upon change orders. A user whose role is Reviewer will not be able to request revisions nor to approve languages while a change order is open. Learn more about roles in Cloudwords accounts.

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