Downloading and Reviewing Translated Files

Every time the vendor delivers the translations for a language for one of your projects, Cloudwords automatically generates a "Language Review task", that is assigned to users who have been assigned to be a reviewer of that language.

To download translated files:

  1. Log in to your Cloudwords account and click the Projects tab.
  2. Select the project with completed translations you want to download.
  3. On the project page, you will have two options to download a language translation that has been delivered by the vendor:
    a)  - Click the Translations tab.
         -  Click the Download Translations button if you want to download all translated files delivered by the vendor. To download the translation for only one language, click the + icon to expand the status of the language you want to download, and click the Download File button.
    b) - Click the Tasks tab
        - Search for tasks assigned to "All" users, and of type "Approve or Request Revision". You will see all the current tasks to review translations delivered by the vendor.
        - Click on any of these tasks, and you will be taken to the task page, where you will be able to download the translations delivered by the vendor for that specific language.
  4. Review the translated files for any missing information. If necessary, you can request a revision of the translated documents to your provider. Or, if the translations are correct, you can approve them (see below).

Note: This review cycle step-by-step is for out-of-the-box Cloudwords workflow. If you’ve customized your Cloudwords workflow, these steps may differ.

To approve translations:

  1. After you have downloaded and reviewed the translations of one or more languages, as described above, you can approve the ones that can be considered as finished, and that do not need additional work.
  2. On the Translations tab of your project, click the Approve Translations button.
  3. A small window will appear, where you will be asked to select the languages that you want to approve translations for. You will be able to confirm which languages are selected under the Selected language(s) section.
  4. Click Approve Translations to confirm, or Cancel to abort the operation.

Important: Please note that once the translations for a language have been approved, the vendor will not be able to deliver any additional translations for that language, and neither you will be able to request revisions of it.

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