Uploading Company Reference Materials

Cloudwords provides a space for you to store company reference materials that assist providers in the translation process. Company reference materials can be specific glossaries or style guides. Because all company reference materials that you upload to Cloudwords are available with your projects, providers can access and follow the instructions or styles defined while they translate your source materials.

To upload your glossary:

  1. Click the Reference tab.
  2. Click Glossary.
  3. At the bottom of the page, click Cloudwords glossary template to download the glossary template format.
  4. Open the template in Excel, enter your own data and save your glossary in this format.
  5. In Cloudwords, on the Reference > Glossary tab, click Upload so you can upload the glossary you just created. 
  6. Click Choose File, locate the file you want to upload and click it. 
  7. Click Upload.

To upload your Style Guide:

  1. Create your style guide in any file format you want (could a word document, a PDF, an Excel spreadsheet, et cetera).
  2. In Cloudwords, click the Reference tab.
  3. Click Style Guide.
  4. Click Add New Style Guide. (If you've already uploaded a Style Guide, click Replace.)
  5. Browse to your file, and click it.
  6. Click Upload.

After uploading your company reference materials, they are automatically made available to vendors for consideration as they create bids for your projects.

Note: you can upload individual file without having to compress it into a .ZIP file. if your style guide is made of more than one file, then you will need to compress all of them together in one ZIP file to upload as your style guide. 

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