Closing Projects and Reviewing Vendors

Cloudwords gives you the opportunity to post a review and rank your experience after working with a vendor on one of your projects.

A project is considered closed when: 

  1. All languages in a project have been approved by the customer.
  2. The vendor has uploaded the final translation memory of your project, and effectively closed it.

After a project has been closed, you will see a open task to Complete pending review of the vendor that worked on the translations of your project. After clicking on that open task, you will be taken to the My Reviews page, where you will see your pending reviews.

  1. On the specific Review page, select a star rating for your vendor (1 star being the lowest, 5 stars being the highest).
  2. Add any relevant information for your review.
  3. Click Submit Review.

This information will be stored on behalf of the vendor and added to their profile page, helping other customers learn about their services and quality of their work. Your review is fundamental for building a useful and relevant directory of vendors, and we appreciate your help.

If you want to navigate to your reviews page to see your previous and pending reviews, just go to the Vendors tab and click the My Reviews section. You will see a list of all your completed and pending reviews.

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