Processing Project Invoices from Cloudwords

In accordance with the Cloudwords Terms of Service, selecting a provider's bid for one of your projects establishes a contractual obligation to pay for their service using Cloudwords. Cloudwords manages these invoices in the following manner:

  • Once you accept a bid for a project, Cloudwords invoices your organization based on the financial information available on your Settings | Company Information page. Our terms are Net 30 and we can accept checks, as well as wires or ACH as a payment method.
  • After your company has paid the project's invoice, Cloudwords will pay the provider.

Change orders are handled in two different ways:

  • The Change Order quote increases the overall bid of the project. In this case, Cloudwords sends your company an invoice for the new quote including a net new value.
  • The Change Order results in a reduction in the overall cost of the project. If your company has already paid the invoice, Cloudwords will issue a credit adjustment. You will be able to choose if you want to use that credit in future projects or if you want a refund. 

Alternatively, Cloudwords allows for Bidless Projects - allowing your organization and provider to settle your contractual obligations outside of Cloudwords. 

Use the Cloudwords Corporate information and signed W-9 form when paying our invoices.

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