Selecting Preferred Vendors

Selecting preferred vendors simplifies your project bid request process by allowing automated lists of vendors who will receive requests to provide their quotes for that project. To select preferred vendors for your organization:

  1. Click the Vendors tab.
  2. Click the Directory sub-tab.
  3. Review the list and click Add To Preferred Vendors next to any vendor listed.


To see the full list of vendors marked as preferred:

  1. Click the Vendors tab.
  2. On the right side of the page, under Filter Your Search, check the Preferred Vendor option in the Preferred Status box.
  3. The filtered results on the list displayed will only show vendors considered as preferred in your account.

You can also add or remove a specific vendor from your list of preferred vendor when visiting their information page.


If you have a Professional Edition Cloudwords account, and divided it into departments, then you can select different preferred vendors for each department. Learn more.

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