Verifying My Company Financial Information With Cloudwords

In order to select a winning bid for your projects and effectively start the translation of your materials, Cloudwords needs to verify your company's financial information.

After you sign up for a Cloudwords account, you will need to provide contact information of a representative of your company's financial team. To do so: 

  1. Go to your Cloudwords account
  2. Click the Settings link that appears on the top, and choose the Overview option.
  3. At the Settings Overview page, click on the Company Information link.
  4. At the Company Information settings page, click Edit, and introduce the information required under the Financial Information section.

After you have provided the financial contact for your company, a Cloudwords representative will contact them to verify the accuracy of the information provided.

Once everything has been verified by Cloudwords, your account will be granted the ability to select bids for your projects, and you will have access to all features in Cloudwords.

Please contact Cloudwords at or call us at +1.415.394.8000 to inquire about or expedite your account verification.

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