Setting Your Company's Intended Uses and Corresponding Work Items

When you are creating a new project, one of the pieces of information that needs to be provided is its Intended Use. Although Cloudwords displays a preconfigured list of intended uses, you can change that list so it displays items (categories) that make more sense to your company, team or product.

Intended uses can be configured so you and other users on your Cloudwords account can classify projects according to your own internal logic. For example, you could create one intended use for each business unit in your company, one for each product your company has, or one for each area (marketing, legal, product, website, et cetera) you work with. 

To edit the list of intended uses and the project tasks associated to them:

1. Click the Settings link on top of any Cloudwords page, and choose the Project Settings option. 

2. On the Projects Settings page, click the Intended Uses and Work Items option, and then the Edit button. 

3. On the Edit page, you will see a table with the current intended uses of your account, together with the project work items associated with each intended use. 

     3.1 Click on Delete on one intended use to delete it. Previous projects that used that intended use will continue to display, on the project's details, the deleted intended use. 

     3.2 Click on Rename to change the name of a specific intended use. When you rename a intended use, your change will be applied to all past projects that had that intended use.

     3.3 Click on  Edit to modify the tasks associated to a specific intended use. After clicking on Edit Tasks you are going to be sent to a new edit page, where you will be able to modify the tasks for that intended use.

           Note that work items are the different cost categories that vendors are asked to provide when bidding for one of your projects. Therefore, when creating a project, the intended use selected will determine which work items vendors include in their bids. Learn more about configuring project tasks.  

To add a new intended use to the list: 

1. On the Intended Uses and Project Tasks settings page, click the Add button. 

2. A small window will appear, where you can enter the name of your new intended use. Click OK when done.

    Note: The maximum length of a intended use name is 45 characters.

3. After having created your new intended use, it will appear on the list of all intended uses. To edit the project work items associated to it, click on Edit



a) Intended uses are used by Cloudwords to build the "Spending by intended use" report. If you rename an intended use, this will be reflected in that report, as the intended use for all past projects created under it will also be renamed.

b) If you create projects that use an intended use and later you delete that intended use, it will still be displayed on the Reports section (displaying information from those old projects that used the deleted intended use).

c) Only administrators of a Cloudwords account can create, delete and rename intended uses, as well as configuring the project tasks associated to them. Please contact your account admin if you are not an administrator on your Cloudwords account and need to either create a new intended use or modify the project tasks associated to one of the existing ones. 

d. If you would like to have another type of task included in the list of tasks displayed on the settings page, please let us know by sending an email to 

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