Adding Project Dates to Your Calendar

You can add the most important project dates to your own calendar, so you can schedule reminders and keep better track of your tasks. 

The project dates you can add to your calendar are: 

- Bid Due Date: this is the deadline by when vendors need to submit their bid for your project. 

- Bid Selection Deadline: this is the date by when you need to select a winning bid. 

- Delivery Due Date: this is the date when the vendor has to complete the translations for your project. 

You can add these dates to Outlook, iCal, Google, MSN Live Calendar, Yahoo! and any calendar application that supports the ical format. 


To add a date to your calendar: 

1. Login to your Cloudwords account. 

2. On your Home or your Projects tab, find the project you want to add dates to your calendar, and click on its name. 

3. On the project's Overview tab, you will see the three dates listed above. Each date will display a calendar icon and a Add to calendar link. Click on that link and select the calendar you want to add that date. 

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