Viewing All the Reviews For a Vendor

You can see all the reviews that you and other Cloudwords customers have submitted for a vendor. To do so: 

1. Login to your Cloudwords account. 

2. Click on the Vendors tab, where you will see a list of all the vendors available on Cloudwords. 

3. Search for the vendor that you want to see the reviews, and click on their name or directly on the text that shows that vendor's average rating and number of reviews they have. You will be taken to the vendor's profile page. 

4. On the vendor profile page, click the Reviews tab. 

You will see all the reviews submitted to this vendor on Cloudwords. Every review displays the average rating from a customer -- to see the specific rating for the different criteria (Translation Quality, Project Management, Customer and Technical Support), just point your mouse at the average rating of any review on the list. 


Note: Only users who are Administrators can access the Vendors tab or any of the vendors' profile pages. Users whose role is "reviewer" will not be able to see these pages. 

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