Graphics on Reports

When viewing a specific report, you will be able to see the top categories also on a graphic, and the option to display it as a bar or as a pie chart. 

If there are five or less categories in the report, all of them will be displayed individually on its graphic. In case the report contains more than five categories, the graphic will show the top 4 individually, and the 5th will include all the other ones consolidated. 

Here are two images to illustrate it: 

a) Graphic for report of five or less categories: 


b) Graphic for report of six or more categories: 



Note that the second graphic shows an "Other" category, which comprises all the rest of languages that are not the top four. 

To see all the categories on a report, you can always check the table that is displayed underneath the chart. 

Also, you can download any of the reports to open them with Microsoft Excel and work on it offline. 

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