Sending Messages To Vendors

When working on a specific project that has not been awarded to one vendor (i.e., a project where a winning bid has not been selected yet), customers can start a new conversation or messages thread with either all vendors or with only one of the vendors that were requested to submit a bid for that project. 

To start a new discussion and choose the recipients: 

1. Login to your Cloudwords account. 

2. On your Home or Projects tab, click on the name of the project for which you want to start a new conversation. 

3. On the project's page, click the Discussions tab.

4. Click the Start New Discussion button. 

5. On the new discussion page:

    - In the Who can see this discussion? option, select Project Followers (Internal)

   - In the Who will receive notifications about this discussion? option, select who are the users you want to receive an email notification from Cloudwords when you create the discussion as well as whenever there is a new comment posted to it.

Important notes:

- A discussion will remain in its original state forever. This means that, if a customer starts a conversation and marks all vendors as recipients, all messages within that conversation will be available to all vendors. Therefore, if you want to take a "public" conversation and make it private with only one vendor, you will have to start a new discussion, and choose that vendor as the only one who can see it. 

- Once you have selected the winning bid for a project, all messages are private to the customer and the winning vendor. All other vendors that submitted a bid to the project will loose access to it, including the messages section. 

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