Approving Translations

Once the vendor working on your project has started delivering translations, you will be able to download the translated materials and review them. After you have reviewed the translations, you will have the option to either request a revision from the provider, in case they need to adjust their work, or approve them, in case you are satisfied.

To approve the translations of one or more languages: 

  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. Select the project that you want to approve translations for.
  3. Go to the project's Translations tab and click the Approve Translations button.
  4. On the window that opens, select the languages that you want to approve. Note that only languages that have been delivered by the vendor and are not part of an outstanding revision request can be approved.
  5. Click the Approve Translations button.


- Once you have approved a language, you will not be able to request a new revision of it from the vendor.

- A project will only be closed and considered finished after you have approved all translations.

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