Attaching Documents To A Message

Either when you are starting a new discussion or when replying to one, you can attach files to it

To attach a file:

1. Add all the documents you want to attach to a .zip file. Note: if you want to upload only one file, you don't need to compress it into a .zip file. 

2. Log in to your Cloudwords account.

3. Go to the project where you will be posting your message.

4. Click the Start New Discussion button if you are starting a new thread. If responding to an existing thread or message, simply click on it at the list of messages.

5. Click the Select file button at the Attachment section. Make sure that you select the file you want to attach to your message. 

6. After writing your message and selecting the file to be attached to it, click Submit. Your attachment will be uploaded, and the message will be sent.

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