Translation Memory: Viewing Leveraging Information

Cloudwords customers have access, on every bid submitted by vendors to their projects, to information of the result of leveraging their translation memory -- This way, customers can see, on each project and for each language, the number of words that have already been translated or that are new. This information is fundamental to understand the savings due to a good management of the translation memory.

To see the translation memory leveraging information:

- Log in to your Cloudwords account.

- Go to the specific project that you have received bids for from vendors.

- On the project page, click the Bids item on the menu at the left.

- On the Bids page, click the View Details link that appears for each bid.

- Click the + sign that appears on the Translation column for any of the languages on your project. More information about the translation cost for that language will be displayed, showing the number of words for the following categories:

     * Already translated: Words or sentences that have been translated in the past. Some vendors don't charge for these, while others charge a very low fee.
     * Repetitions: Words that are repeated in your source materials for this specific project.
     * Fuzzy matches: When the match of a word or a sentence with what is present in the translation memory is not exact, it is defined as a "fuzzy" match. Some systems assign percentages to these kinds of matches, in which case a fuzzy match is greater than 0% and less than 100%. Vendors have different price structures for translating fuzzy matches. 
     * New words: Words or sentences that have not been translated in the past and thus are not found in the translation memory.



In some cases, a vendor might not provide the translation memory leveraging information for one or more languages on your project. This might be due to:

a) The fact that you have not provided your translation memory through Cloudwords yet (this could typically happen on your first project on Cloudwords if you have not uploaded a previous translation memory).

b) You are translating into a new language for the first time. In this case, the vendor will not be able to leverage any past translations.

c) The vendor does not have the technology required to leverage your translation memory.

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