Editing Project Work Items Included In Bid Requests

Project work items are the different cost categories that vendors are asked to provide when bidding for one of your projects. Each intended use on a Cloudwords account is associated with a predefined list of project tasks -- Therefore, when creating a project, the intended use selected will determine which work items vendors include in their bids. 

When a user creates a project, the bid request that is sent to vendors includes a predefined set of work items that the providers need to fill with their cost. If the Cloudwords account admin has not modified the tasks associated to the intended uses on their account, these work items will be, by default, the following:

- Translation

- Review

- Desktop Publishing (DTP)

- Project Management

Cloudwords provides customer's administrators the ability to edit that list of work items and choose which ones are associated to each of the intended uses on their account (remember that vendors bidding for one of your projects will be presented with these work items when entering their quote - and that administrators can configure which work items are associated to each intended use).

To edit the project work items associated to a specific intended use on your account: 

1. Log in to your Cloudwords account

2. Click the Settings link on the top of your page, and select the Project Settings option

3. On the Project Settings page, go to the Intended Uses and Work Items section. A new page will open with the list of intended uses and project work items associated to each.

4. Click on  Edit to modify the work items associated to a specific intended use.

5. A new page will open, where you will be able to see which work items are currently being used on your projects, and change that selection if needed. 


a) The Translation item is always included in all projects, and users cannot remove it. 

b) The maximum number of work items that can be active is five (5). Once you have selected five work items to use on your projects, you will need to remove one to add another. 

c) When you change the work items to be used with a specific intended use, the new set of work items will be used on every project with that intended use and created after the change. All previously created projects with that intended use will still use the work items configuration that was active at the moment that each project was created. In other words, changes in the work items configuration will not affect previously created projects

d. If you would like to have another type of task added to the list of tasks displayed on the settings page, please send us an email at support@cloudwords.com.  

e. Only users whose role is Administrator can access the settings page and change the projects task configuration.

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