Alerts: Types and How They Work

Thanks to the Alerts module, Cloudwords helps users track what important tasks are in danger of being overdue, even if those tasks are not assigned to them.

Types of Alerts

There are three types of alerts displayed:

  • Bid Selection Deadline: This alert is displayed when the deadline for the customer to select a winning bid for a project is near. Its importance resides on the fact that, if the winning bid of a project is not selected before its deadline, the customer will need to request bids from vendors again, wasting precious time.
  • Language Delivery Deadline: This alert is displayed when the vendor's deadline to deliver the translations is near or has passed. This deadline is set by the customer when creating the project (or when editing the project). The customer seeing this alert will then be able to communicate with the vendor to ensure the translations are on track or, if necessary, to agree on a new translations deadline. 
  • Task Deadline: This alert is displayed whenever a custom task's due date is within 24 hours, or is past its due date. The user seeing this alert will be able to communicate with the task assignee to ensure it is completed on time or, if the deadline has passed, to solve any issues preventing its completion.
  • Project Close Pending: This alert is displayed whenever the translations for all language  in a project have been approved, and the vendor has not yet closed the project. The alert for a project will be displayed if 48 hours or more have passed since the moment all languages for that project were approved.

    Note: Custom Tasks can only be created by customers of the Cloudwords Professional or Enterprise Editions. 

The Alerts Module on the Home Tab

The Home tab offers a quick way to see what needs the attention of the user to advance with their projects. The Messages, Alerts and Open Tasks modules are key to know what needs to be done: 

- The Messages module shows how many new unread messages the user has to check.

- The Alerts module displays how many projects have any of the alerts described above.As described before, alerts are related to tasks or actions that need to be completed by either the user herself, another user on their account or the Vendor working on their project. Alerts, therefore, provide a quick way of monitoring what is going on, and what needs attention on open projects.

- The Open Tasks module displays an automatically generated to-do list of tasks that belong to the user looking at it and that are necessary in order to move the translation projects forward.

The Alerts Module on a Project Overview Tab

In a similar way to the Home tab, a Project Overview tab displays alerts and open tasks specific to that project.

- The Alerts module displays the same three types of alerts described above, but only if relevant to the project is being viewed. The alerts displayed, again, are about actions that need to be completed by either the user viewing the project or someone else, and are a great way of tracking the evolution of the project. As an example, if you see an alert about the language delivery deadline, then it might be a good idea to check with the vendor where they are with the translations.

- The Open Tasks module displays all the actions that the user viewing the project needs to complete.

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