Project Tasks - Tracking and Collaborating on To-do's

Project tasks allow customers to define, track and collaborate on specific to-do, actions or events that need to be completed in order to move forward with their translation project. Tasks allow users to create milestones and deadlines in order to manage a project. Each task includes a workspace where users can collaborate and work towards its completion.

Project Tasks Tab: Viewing All Tasks 

To see all existing tasks for a project: 

- Log in to your Cloudwords account and access the project you want to see the tasks for.

- At the Project page, go to the Tasks tab.

At the Tasks tab, you will see the tasks that exist for that project. By default, you first see the tasks that are pending and assigned to you. There is a series of filters on top of the list of tasks that allow you to view tasks that are in a different state as well as the ones that are assigned to other users or to the vendor. The available filters and options are: 

  • Status: All, Pending, Completed, Rejected, Cancelled
  • Type: All, Cloudwords Workflow, Language Revision, Custom
              - Cloudwords Workflow tasks are automatically generated by the application. Their completion is mandatory to move forward with the project. Examples of this type of task would be: "Select Winning Bid", "Approve or Request Revision" (of delivered translations by the vendor).

              - Language Revision tasks are automatically generated when the customer created a Revision Request for one or more languages. Learn more about the revision request process and how to collaborate with the vendor to revise a language.

              - Custom tasks can be created by the customer and allow users to track and collaborate internally or with the vendor on any type of to-do that is related to the project. Custom tasks are only available to customers of the Cloudwords Professional Edition. Learn more about how to create and collaborate on custom tasks.
  • Assigned to: All, Me
  • Language: Tasks can be related to none, one or more languages being used on the project. This option allows you to filter by language, so you only see tasks related only to the one(s) you selected.

Collaborating and Following a Task

Once a task has been created, any user with access to the project can post comments to it, including uploading attachments, so all information related to it can be found at one place and at any moment.

The vendor working on a project can only access and comment on Language Revision tasks or on Custom Tasks they have been added to by the customer.

When posting a comment to a task, the user (on the Customer side) has the ability to add users (either internal or the vendors) to the list of people that will be notified about it. After being added to the "notify" list of a task, a user will always receive email notifications whenever a new comment is posted to it (see below).

Task Notifications

Users collaborating on a task have the option to receive an email notification when certain events happen to it. Cloudwords sends email notifications:

To the task assignee:
     - Whenever someone else creates a task and assigns it to them;
     - Whenever someone else posts a comment to the task;
     - Whenever someone else edits the task name, description or dates.

To the task followers (users added to the "notify" list):
     - Whenever someone else posts a comment to the task;
     - Whenever the task status changes.

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