Responding to Messages and Task Comments Via Email

To respond to a message or a task comment someone has made directly from the email notification you received, simply reply with your comment in the body of the email.

Your response/comment will then be posted after that person’s message/comment.


- Cloudwords tries to do the best possible job removing non-relevant text from your email responses, like your signature and attached images. 

- Messages do not support attachments. Therefore, in case you need to add a file with your response or comment to a task, please go directly to its page on Cloudwords - once there, you will be able to post your response with an attachment. 

- Responding via email does not support  text styling (bold, italics, underlined, font color, et cetera). Any styling in your message will not be posted on Cloudwords. 

- We also make the best effort to avoid posting any automatic response (think about Vacation or Out-of-office automatic responses). There will be occasions, though, where a highly customized auto-response might be posted as a response. 

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