Glossary Translation Project: Sending Glossary Terms to Translation

Translating terms from one of your glossaries on Cloudwords is simple, and the translated terms delivered by the vendor are automatically merged back into your glossary after you have approved them.

To start a glossary translation project:

1. Log in to your Cloudwords account and go to the Reference tab.

2. On the Reference tab, click the Translate Glossary button. The glossary translation project wizard will be launched.

3. On the first step of the wizard (Project Name), you will see that the name and the notes and instructions are prefilled with information useful to the vendor. You can modify those fields, as well as the project's description and followers if necessary. Click the Set Project Details button.

4. On the second step of the wizard (Project Details), select the deadlines for receiving quotes from the vendors and for the translations, as well as the project's intended use. Optionally, indicate the purchase order number of your project. Click the Choose Glossary Terms button.

5. On the third step of the wizard (Source Materials) you will be asked to define the glossary terms you want to send to translation. To do so:
   a. Select the glossary that contains the terms you want to translate.
   b. Select the target language(s), i.e., the languages you want to translate your terms into.
   c. If you want to further filter your search for terms to translate, click Show Additional Options. You will be able to:
      - Filter by the translation status of the terms you want to translate.
      - Filter by the status of the source terms you want to translate.
      - Configure the source term status to be applied when the translations have been completed.

After you have selected all the filters, click the Find Terms to Translate button to see the number of terms, per language, that were found using your search criteria. Click the Confirm button if you are OK with the results and terms to be translated. To search again, click Cancel. 

Once you have clicked the Confirm button, the page will display a ZIP file that contains all the terms to be translated. The ZIP file contains one Excel file per target language you are translating into.

Optionally, you can add Project Reference Materials like screenshots, further instructions or any documentation that would help translators better do their job.

Once you have generated the ZIP file with the terms to translate and decided if you want to add reference materials to your translation project, click the Configure Bid Options button to select the vendors you want to request quotes from. Note that, if you have not marked any vendor as preferred, you will not have the option to configure bid options, and your project will be sent to five vendors selected automatically by Cloudwords.

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