Migrating to New Glossary Management System (For Users With Glossary Before 08/10/2012)

This applies to customers who had a glossary file in Cloudwords before August 10, 2012.

If you had uploaded a glossary file to Cloudwords using the old system, you can choose to migrate to the new system at any point. The advantages of migrating to the new system are multiple: 

- Ability to view, search and edit your glossary terms directly in Cloudwords.

- Ability to search for terms on your glossary directly on your translation memory, so you can update your translations in a simple and easy way.

- Ability to send glossary terms to translation directly to the vendor, and have the translated terms merged automatically to your glossary.


To migrate to the new glossary management system:

- Log in to your Cloudwords account and click the Reference tab.

- On the Reference tab, download your old glossary from Cloudwords. This is for your reference and so you have the glossary you previously uploaded to Cloudwords. 

- Create your new glossary file on Excel. Follow these instructions (we have included an Excel file template to make it easier).

- Upload and Switch. Once you have created your new glossary file based on the Excel template you downloaded before and click on the Switch Now button to switch to the new system.

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