Adding New Glossary Terms When The Glossary Already Exists

After you have created and uploaded a Glossary to your Cloudwords account, there are two ways you can add new, additional terms to it:

1) Adding glossary terms directly on Cloudwords

- Go to the Reference tab and click the Search & Edit sub-tab on the left.

- Select the Glossary you want to add new terms to and click Search. Note: If your account has not been divided into Departments, simply click Search.

- Once the search results have been displayed, you will see an Add New Term button. Click on it to add a new source term to your glossary.

2) Uploading an Excel file with additional terms

If you need to add many new terms, instead of doing it as described above, you can upload an Excel file with them. Uploaded files are merged into the existing glossary.

Note: If the file with additional terms you are uploading contains terms that are already present in your glossary on Cloudwords, you will see an error, and the file will not be uploaded. This means that the Excel file must contain only net new terms.

To upload a new Excel file to be merged to an existing glossary on Cloudwords:

- Go to your account's Reference tab

- Click the Add or Update Glossary link. You will have the option to select which department the glossary you are uploading belongs to, in case your account has been divided into departments.

Note: Please see this page for instructions on how to create the Excel file with your glossary terms. On that page you will also be able to download an Excel template for your glossary. 

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