Copying An Existing Project (Cloning)

Sometimes, you might need to create a project that you know is almost an exact copy of a project you created in the past. For those cases, you can use the project cloning feature in Cloudwords (Note: we are using clone as a synonym of copy). 

There are two places where you can start cloning a project

1. Cloning an existing (open or closed) project:  

  • Go to the project you want to copy. To find it, you can go to the Project Search page. 
  • Click on the Project Details tab.
  • At the Project Details, click the Clone Project button that appears at the bottom of the page. 
2. Cloning a project you just created: 
At the confirmation page of the Cloudwords new project creation wizard, you will see, at the bottom left of the page, a Clone Project button. 

Cloning a project

After clicking the Clone Project button, you will be taken to the Cloudwords new project creation wizard, where you will see that the information in the original project was copied over to the new project.

This is the information that is copied from the original project to the new one

- Project name: it will be displayed as "Copy of _name_of_original_project". Please make sure you edit it!
- Notes and instructions to vendors
- Project description
- Intended use
- Purchase order number
- Source and target languages
- Workflow configuration
- Vendor configuration
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