Select Workflow & Folllowers


Choose Your Project Workflow



  1. Choose the workflow you would like your project to follow.  For example, a “Basic One-Step Workflow” will include a translation task performed by the vendor, and an internal review step to be performed by a member of your team


If you decide to go with one-step workflow, just click on “Finish and Request Bids”

 Workflow_and_follower02.jpg2. You can set your review assignments and dates. If you choose the option to manually Set review due dates and reviewers for each language, follow these steps:

a.  Click Add Languages to Schedule to select the language for which you want to set a review date and reviewer.Workflow_and_follower03.jpgb.

b. Click the calendar icon to select the date by which you want that language deliverable reviewed.

c. Select the person who should review the language deliverable. The people listed in the drop-down are users whose settings have made them available to follow projects in your project’s department. So if you do not see the person who should review this language deliverable, contact your Cloudwords administrator.

d. Click Add New Schedule to set the review deadline and reviewer for another language in your project.

e. Repeat steps a through d until you’ve set dates and reviewers for the languages for your project.


Choose Your Project Followers


3. Optional: In the Project Followers list, click Add or Remove to select people who should receive email notifications when action is required on the project.

4. Click Finish and Request Bids.

Cloudwords sends email to vendors. The email tells them you would like them to consider bidding on your project.  Vendors click the link in the email to log into Cloudwords, and download not only your source files, but also your translation memory, style guides, and glossaries.


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