Cloudwords for Marketo: Quick Start Guide


Marketing on a global scale requires reaching multilingual audiences with marketing materials in their own languages. But localizing marketing content —- and all of the different assets associated with a global marketing campaign -— is typically a slow, costly, and cumbersome process.

Cloudwords for Marketo has made translating Marketo assets easier than ever. Cloudwords offers intelligent localization automation management, sparing you from the dreaded and seemingly endless manual copy & paste method. The Cloudwords platform seamlessly and automatically extracts any Marketo asset -- such as emails, landing pages, or forms -- and detects and manages all embedded content.

Cloudwords easily handles the following content:

  • Forms within a landing page.
  • Translations of any embedded images. The platform is able to route the source file and automatically synchronize the translated images.
  • Tokens and snippets. 
  • Hyperlinks. 
  • Header and footers. For example, Cloudwords can substitute the source header with the desired translated language header.
  • Dynamic content. Cloudwords can extract all versions of the content.

Through our own easy-to-enable Marketo integration, you can:

  • Automatically send content to Cloudwords and route it to the translation vendor, and
  • Seamlessly sync translated content back into Marketo.

Simply put, you can use Cloudwords for Marketo in 3 easy steps:

  1. Pick the Marketo assets you want to send out for translation.

  2. Route those assets to the translation vendor of your choice.

  3. Review the translated content directly in Marketo once your translation vendor has delivered the translated content back into Cloudwords.

Effectively, this streamlined process means no more copy-and-paste tedium for exporting your Marketo assets or importing them back once translated -- a huge savings for you in terms of time, money, and effort!


Support Asset Types

Depending on your workflow and project needs, Cloudwords can deliver the translated assets in one of the following ways.

Individual Assets: With this delivery method, each Marketo content asset is translated and saved individually in a Cloudwords folder. The translated asset has the same name as the source, appended with the translated language code.

Programs: Cloning is the order of the day for the Programs delivery method. Here, all assets are translated and created in a cloned Marketo program. Cloudwords clones a new program for each translated language (appended with the language code), in an identical structure as the source program.

Dynamic Content: You can configure the assets for dynamic content by segmenting them. Translations can be delivered in preconfigured segments, which sends the same asset to different users in different locales. This method requires some forethought to set up, but offers a tremendously powerful feature set.

Translation Workflow

Select a translation process

The workflow is highly customizable, and you control the translation, review, and approval process for each language and asset type. Choose between professional, internal, or machine translations to suit your needs.

Professional Translation: Select your preferred Language Service Provider (LSP) or choose one from the Cloudwords Vendor Marketplace using criteria such as price, quality type, or timeline to find the best provider for your needs.

Internal Translation: Automate requests to your internal translation experts by leveraging existing Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and processes.

Machine Translation: Use industry-leading Microsoft Translator or choose a translation engine of choice.

Whether choosing Professional, Internal, or Machine translation, Cloudwords always ensures that the appropriate glossaries and style guides are provided so your translators have context, and you maintain brand consistency. A centrally-hosted translation memory ensures that you never have to pay for -- or wait -- to have the same words and phrases translated more than once, by any vendor.


Cloudwords OneReview offers unparalleled integrated contextual content review for Marketo. This powerful feature ensures that all your work in Marketo is reviewed and edited in a real-time WYSIWYG format.

All stakeholders can see exactly how the content is laid out and they can use the line-by-line interface to provide their edits and feedback on any content section, giving you complete control of the review process

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