Requesting a Translation Vendor

Requesting a Vendor


Now, that you have created a project, it’s time to find a vendor to translate the content for you.



  1. Select the vendors that you wish to invite to bid on this work.  Preferred vendors are listed in the blue box.  You can also invite vendors from Cloudwords’ vendor marketplace to bid on your project by selecting the option “Let Cloudwords choose x other vendors for me.”  There is a limit of choosing 5 vendors for a single request, so for example, you can receive a bid from 2 preferred vendors and 3 other vendors that Cloudwords chooses for you.


  1. Enter the Deadline for Receiving Quotes from vendor(s). 

Note: If you wish to receive quotes ASAP, select the earliest date allowed in this field, and specify in the Notes and Instructions to Vendors field that you want bids as soon as possible, for example, today.


2. Enter the First Translation Deadline. This is the date by which you want to receive the translated material for the first time.

3. Note that Cloudwords automatically calculates the Bid Selection Date.  It is assumed that you will then review the deliverable and possibly request changes to be made by the vendor. Thus, the date you enter here in the “First Translation Deadline” should be a sufficient time before the date by which you require the translation project to be completely done, reviewed, updated, and finalized.

4. In the Notes and Instructions to Vendors section, provide explicit and detailed instructions to the vendors, so they can provide accurate bids and deliverables.

5. Click Next to move to the “Workflow & Followers” section.


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